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6:30 mi

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A very weird long run. Ran down to the race, then had a brief break, then ran up the beltline loop during the storm delay. I got back and realized I had to run home really quickly to grab a jersey for a kid. Then ran back down to the start. Another 10 minute break or so. Then back on the beltline. Short break again, then met up with Ben just at the top of Battery. I ran with him from mile 15.5 to about 22.5 at 6:05 pace. Finished at Flynn and ran the last leg of the relay at 5:15 pace, which felt so exhilarating. It felt fast, but it didn't feel uncomfortable at all. Longer than I had planned, but it was the easy way to run 30 miles. This wraps up a very very big week for me.