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4:58 mi

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Bobby Doyle


A great race. First barefoot race where I was in shape in a long time. Going into I had little expectation after three days of hard physical work around the house and coming off of two 3-day trips with kiddos. My plan going in was to stick with the front pack as long as possible. I didn't quite commit to this and I think that's why I finished with quite a bit left. I stayed up front through 1.5 miles and then dropped off - though mostly I think because the pack sped up.

I started by writing great race, but I think this was more of an average to slightly above average race. I didn't blow up, but I didn't really get into the zone like I did for New Bedford. Not wearing a watch seemed to help keep my mind from running constant calculations, and I liked running by feel rather than running by expectation of pace. I also liked running barefoot and don't think I conceded any time - though maybe around mile 3.5 where the road was rougher I dragged a little bit.

I could have finished stronger, but couldn't will my body to get after it. I so badly wanted to beat Matt Pelletier too. Next time...