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8 km


5:16 mi


A super strange race. Way hillier than I expected and so a PR was out of the question. But I wonder what I would've been able to run on a flat course. I split 5:03 (some hills on the first mile), 5:00 (the last 300m of this mile are up the steep hill), 6:45, then 9:32 for the last 2 miles. Running barefoot was dumb as the top section of the hill was dirt and was pretty tough to run on (particularly downhill). I tried really hard to catch up to 4th and 5th, but they seemed to stay forever about 10 seconds ahead of me. In the end I'm satisfied with my mental performance, but the experience left something to be desired. Not sure what else to write. 5th overall ain't bad, though the competition wasn't nearly as deep as I had thought it would be.