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20 mi


6:39 mi


38min - To Cheesefactory (6 miles)

57 - To Pond (8.8)

1:19 - To Spear (12.3)

1:33 - To Barstow (14.7)

1:52 - To Swift (17.2) - pace slowed here

2:14 - Home for 20 on the button!

Felt super hot and tired going into it (I lead a field walk this morning, biked about 6 and then hiked around in the sun for a while so I was pretty drained). But once I was out the door I had my running legs on and was super eager to run for a really long time finally. Finished light on my feet with strides, but it was a bit hard from Swift back home (lack of food, water). Overall I'm happy with the run.