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10 mi


5:19 mi

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NH 10 Miler


I should just copy and paste my results/report from 2016. I really wanted to go out faster and try and hang on. The challenge is that if I go out too fast, I can't hang with the top guys and then there's this huge gap to the next runners. So I was with the top guys for about 2 miles and then with the hills I just kind of dropped back. I'd start to catch up on the downhills, but Amos and Tyler started pushing pretty hard in the 3rd mile and broke away. So behind that it was a bit of a desert. I struggled most in miles 3-6, but started to loosen up and was zipping along by mile 7. I passed 5th at 7.5 and blew past him. I was surprised that another runner (Timothy Gill) had worked his way up, which put a little fire under my feet.

Biggest challenge was with the uphills. Definitely felt like that was a significant weakness. Also felt a lack of tempos/mile repeats in workouts was a limiting factor on my endurance, but that will come quickly. Would have preferred that htis was a flat 5 or 10k, but Lone Gull will fill that need. Not too much else to say. Pretty happy with the overall effort and I think I'm only harshly judging my performance because I know my time and can compare to 2016 when I ran just 3 seconds slower.

Time to retire these shoes.