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14000 m


6:09 mi

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I was still feeling tired so I decided not to brave the strong winds on the outdoor track and stick it out on the indoor track hopefully the last time this spring. I planned on doing 8 intervals since I was feeling really tired after Sunday's 20 miler with 5 mile cutdowns, but since I was being a weenie and avoiding the wind I felt compelled to do 9 intervals.

Unbelievably easy. It's incredible how easy 5:00 minute pace feels. I'm not sure exactly what it was that seemed to cause that steady fluctuation between 3:45 and 3:49 pace, particularly since it didn't feel fast or slow. I just realized that all of the slower intervals I was running counterclockwise?! Strange coincidence? Maybe not.

Key learning: I can be tired but still be strong. Sunday really wiped me out and I would have preferred to have taken it easy today but pushing through this workout with ease reminded me that I can feel tired (and probably be tired) but underneath that I am in incredibly good shape and super strong right now so I can still hit workouts on pace.