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80 mi

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Bike to Long Beach with Maren and then finished with a ride down to Albertson's and back. Felt pretty tired, but wonderul nonetheless. I would have gone faster probably, but it probably would have made the finish much harder.

hawk (red-tailed or some variant, definitely not cooper's as I had thought)

brown pelican

great blue heron

snowy egret (yellow feet)

great egret (bigger)

misc sandpipers

black-necked stilt

black phoebe

yellow rumped warbler

flock of red-winged black birds

CA gull (light colored wings, yellow legs)

western gull (darker wings, pink legs)

american coot

redhead (type of duck)

american wigeon (another duck type)

mallard (the duck type)

double-crested cormorant

heaps of sparrows (probably white-crowned and a couple others)

american crow

common raven

and some others I don't remember or can't identify