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23 mi


6:15 mi


Felt great through 20, but the last 3, once I turned to run up College St just kind of sunk me.

Ate a half bowl of oatmeal before plus drank some water. Drank about 32 oz on the run and ate my own blend of honey, PB, brown sugar, and oats during the run. My first MP 4 miles (9-13) went pretty well, but the last half was tough (and slightly up hill. I hit 5:26s for that section. My next set (15.5-20.5) went alright for the first 4.5, but the last half was uphill and brutal. I was running about 5:18-5:20 for 4.5 and didn't get a split on the last half. This MP felt much harder than the tempo MP earlier in the week, but I was also going faster and had just run lots of miles.

Found a mole on the way home:

Turns out they have super diminished eyes with fused eyelids!