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Bobby Doyle


I was disappointed with my finish initally, and I think I still am a little unsatisfied. I don't think my heart was ever real there, focused like a wild animal. My mind was there and I was able to stay focused on pace and racing, pushing through 2 miles at 10:02, 5k @ 15:29, with the last couple of miles mostly uphill and a bit slower (5:15 pace or so). With 400m to go someone yelled that no one was near me. Just before that I kept myself from looking back, reminding myself that I wasn't racing anyone other than me. With 200 or so to go I got passed and found I had another gear. I kept with him but knew I wasn't going to keep pace him and kind of let up. What was as frustrating as getting passed was having all that extra energy but not never having my own internal motivation draw it up. I should have really been pushing harder over the last two miles anyways.

My time was about 35 seconds off from last year, but I was 11, not 15th, and looking at other people's performances the disparity in time seems about on par. I hope that part of my subpar performance was just being out of the racing scene for awhile. I know in college I would have been thrilled with a 25:24 opener.

Going into the race I was barely keeping up with everything else. It was a struggle to get everything from camp cleaned up and put away before getting the rental car on time and I'd been playing catch up with tons of other stuff too. So while my sleep was good, I just never had the mental time to relax. I'm looking forward to my honeymoon and hopefully a more spacious fall. We'll see how that turns out...