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18.5 mi


5:51 mi

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Perfect long run. Perfect long run. Perfect, perfect, perfect. Ran down to lake front straight on Colchester, then took bike path all the north up past confluence of Champlain and Winooski all the way to Colchester Point Rd, then split off on the other path over to Merganser Way and Mills Point Rd. I had anticipated going back via Colchester Point -> Holy Cross -> Lakeshore -> Blakely, but I got confused at Colchester Pt so out and back it became.

Weather was light and slight rainy (showers this afternoon, just before I got out). No wind, no nothing, just me and the crushed gravel. Couldn't help myself, couldn't slow down. I was a little surprised when I saw my first split on the path and backed off to about 5:58, but on the way back I was hitting 5:40-5:48/mile.