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5 km


4:48 mi


Alright alright. Not bad for my first race. The last month has felt pretty odd for my workouts, which has made it pretty tough to gauge what my level of fitness is right now. I think it's mostly because I've been on the treadmill or on icy/snowy roads and so my workouts haven't felt that great. Maybe they have been though. I ran the abysmal 9:15 or so 3k the other week and just felt awful doing that. The workouts over the past couple weeks seem to have gotten some of that staleness out of my legs and today was a good indication of that. I ran an 8:54 3k split and then got stuck behind someone and didn't pass because I was tired and making excuses. I finally passed after a couple of slow laps and my last half mile was back on pace. That 3k split was about the same as I'd run at Dartmouth and Middlebury last year, so I should be pretty happy with that.

As for the race, my splits seemed like they were pretty even, though I didn't have a watch and didn't really pay much attention. I felt pretty tired, but not fatigue sort of tired at the half way point and was pleased that I was able to keep fighting. It helped to be surrounded by a big pack of runners. I found it difficult to manage the surges to pass other runners and also got tripped up a couple of times getting pushed around. But it's so thrilling! I love indoor races.