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Somewhat quick warm-up of 3 miles then out on the bike path past leddy and back to local motion. I was a little sluggish getting started (2:50 first half, but it was uphill and into a head wind). Hit 2:40s for the next 3 half miles and on the way back I enjoyed the tailwind and ran a comfortable 5:15 pace.

The conditions for the workout were less than ideal. I hiked Mt Hunger with Meryl and Julia today to film up at the top. It was pretty cold up there, but the toughest part was the brutal ice. It took us probably 2.5 hours to get to the top and 2 to get back down. We didn't get to the car until about 6:45, then I had to get back to Burlington. I wasn't out the door for my run until close to 8:30. And by that point I was exhausted.