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11 mi


2.25 mile warm up

2x3 mile tempo along bike path (north going out, south back starting at 1.0 mile marker)

.5 mile jog between intervals

Hit 4:52, 5:00, 5:04 for 1st

4:59, 5:06, 5:12 on way back. I felt really great until the last mile of my second one, but this is about the fastest that I've ever done this type of work out so I felt good. Additionally, it was miserably hot and humid and two days ago I did a pretty hard workout. In the fall I doubled this one and ran 5:05 pace for my second 30 minute tempo on the indoor track. That was a great workout, but I'd also not done a workout for 7 days and the conditions were far better (I did, however, run 26.5 a couple days before at about 6:10 pace). Looking forward to a lighter week before ramping up again.

2.25 mile cool down