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Critical Mass ride. Brought the party hats. Not too many people - about 7 or so. Pretty lame that no one showed up. Different crowd entirely from last month, which means that people are not consistent. I feel like people show a different kind of commitment than I do for most things. I don't latch on to labels, but when I do something, I do it reliably. Most people, however, seem to be the complete opposite. The people there were mostly from food not bombs, so they have great big hearts, but are a bit myopic and closed-minded in their open-mindedness. All these anarchist types seem to feel their way through life, which is great, but they're also not well-versed in the wide-expanse of infinite possibilities that lies beyond their world. I myself tend to feel my way through most things, but my interaction with these experiences is tempered and modified by a good knowledge of things bigger than the experience itself. Now I'm being boastful, but this is all to say that I want them to feel, but I also went them to be open to the awesome power of choice and multiplicity.