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14.5 mi

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3.5 mile warmup

6 miles of intervals

4 mile cooldown

Absolutely amazing workout. I never once felt stressed. I could feel tired in my legs, but this didn't seem to matter at all while doing the intervals, I just floated along. Got a little blister forming on the outside of my right foot, so I'll start wearing socks again. At least for a couple of days.

All in all this run was a total confidence booster. I'm running 16:10 5k pace for 6 miles effortlessly. I'd like to get out on a track in a couple of weeks and race a 10k to see where I'm at, but I am also excited to try out Chetan's 2x30 minute tempo run in a couple weeks when my mileage is up over 100. This will be my first week on course for 100 (though with going out of town I won't reach this)

(1 mile running earlier in day)