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13.1 mi


5:16 mi

Race Result

5 / 4939 (0.1%)


I couldn't get most of my splits and accidentally hit the stop button at about 12km in. Here's what I was able to piece together with the splits taking by Oasis:

1k 3:11

6k 19:18 (16:07 5k, 3:14/k)

9k 29:40 (10:22 3k, 3:27/k) - Too Slow

10k 32:47 (3:07)

11k 36:03 (3:16)

14k 43:58 (stopped watch, was off for 1:40 seconds) - would have been 45:38, or 9:35 for the last 3k (3:12 pace)

15k 47:14 (3:16) [actual 48:54]

16k 50:31 (3:16) [52:11]

17k 53:52 (3:20) [55:32]

18k 57:21 (3:29) [59:01]

19k 1:00:34 (3:13) [1:02:04]

20k 1:03:49 (3:15) [1:05:29]

21k 1:06:50 (3:00) [1:08:20]

I got dropped by the leaders almost immediately and so I was running in no man's land. I was already pretty quick (3:11 to start and still way behind) and so I didn't want to push too early; I tried to stay on pace rather than catch up. Plus, I figured with the results from previous years that people would come back (I was on 1:09 pace, which should've been good for 3rd or so and I was sitting in 8th). After the 6k I was pretty far behind the next people (I had just moved into 7th) and so I must have settled significantly because I was running 3:27 pace. It felt really relaxed at that point and I think it was more because I wasn't getting my splits (There weren't any signs/mile marks either) and I wasn't near anyone. When I did figure out what was going on at the 9k I then spend up. and settled into a more consistent pace. My splits were pretty darn good until about 17 when I really started hitting lots of traffic. 18k had a big hill in it and I had to move onto the sidewalk and dodge around people (it would've been long because it was right-hand turns and I had to be on the outside to be clear of traffic). At 19k I felt really strong started pushing it much harder, but again same frustrations as with last 1k but more downhill. My finish was in two spurts. I didn't realize that the race was more than 21k so I started my kick early then got a bit frustrated with all the traffic and slowed down, then once in the stadium I pushed harder again. Finishing in 32:20 for the last 10k, 3 flat for the last 1k, and under pace for most of my splits was a great boost to my confidence. I think that I could have sacrificed about 10-12 seconds on my last 1k for the 40 seconds I gave up on 6-9k, making this potentially a 1:08:20 day. When Amor Dehbi made his move at about the 8k I was just about 24 seconds back and I could watch him move ahead. If I were with him I could have gone and probably could have hit closer to 1:08:00 with him. But that's a what if and I would have had to have been 24 seconds closer (but I did run about 20 seconds slower on 6 and 7k - had I run my pace there I would have been right with him and could have followed him. Bummer).