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5:25 mi

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A pretty difficult course with terrible footing. Started out pretty relaxed (5:25), then felt pretty tired and not super motivated for mile 2, which was easily the most difficult (5:42, 11:07). I didn't really push myself on this mile quite as hard as I could have, but I finished strong (5:08, 16:15, new course record) and so I can't much complain. It was fun to be back in a racing scenario, but again no competition and so I didn't push myself all that hard. This was hard day number 6/11. I'm responding well to the intensity which is great and I think bodes very well for when I back off a bit and let the training sink in.

1: 1200s on track

3: 6 mi tempo

5: 20 miles

7: 1200s

9: 6 mi tempo

11: race

12: tomorrow's long run