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3 km


4:49 mi

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Mini Meet


Long day at the shop, preceded by not much rest, weights yesterday, a hard fartlek on Tuesday and a busy schedule, so I went in with very little expectation. I set a rough goal of wanting to run 8:45 but with the heat, wind, and feeling sluggish I wound up deciding to shoot to run sub-9. I felt relatively fluid for most of it and only struggled a bit with staying on pace in the mid-stretch. I don't know that I had a whole lot more in me, but probably could have if my approach had been more race-oriented rather than workout-oriented. I thought my splits were all over the place, but turns out they were pretty darn solid:


2:20 (71.2)

3:32.7 (72.4)

4:44.5 (71.8)

5:57.1 (72.6)

7:10.7 (73.6)

8:22.5 (71.8)

8:57.1 (34.7)

If I treated this as though it were a race I probably would have been disappointed. As such, I'm alright with how it turned out - particularly since I see a big gap between what I ran and what I'm capable of running.