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5 km


4:56 mi


Not a bad effort at all. I'm not really sure where my head was though. I felt a little tired at the beginning and then once I started I wasn't sure how good it was going to be. I thought on the first lap I'd stop, but I didn't. I think I hit 27 or so. I thought after 1 mile I'd pull out at 3k, but once I got to 3k at 9:05 I figured I might as well keep going. I knew I was slowing down and wouldn't hit 3:02 for the next two 1ks, but I knew I could hang in and be close.



9:44 (4:57.5)

14:42 (4:58)

15:17 (35)

I can't really complain at all as it's only 6 seconds off my track 5k and that was outdoors with competition. I know I can shave 20 seconds off no problem. Anyways - great start to the season so far. Would love to get out into a 5k and just be able to sit behind the front runners.