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8100 m


3:52 mi

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Felt a little sluggish, which made me a little extra nervous going into this workout since it was pretty darn fast. I found it somewhat difficult to stay on pace with the strong gusty winds out of the north. It got tough to get into a rhythm, but found the tail wind rejuvenating. I didn't ever feel my form deteriorate so that was nice. The last interval was pretty tough, but I held in. I think my splits were almost always 70/71, 71/72, 73/74, 73/74 or so. My obvious preference would have been even splits, but I was happy with the outcome. I also think I'm a faster 5k guy than 15 flat right now, but still think the 4:50s were in range.

The fat diet continues. I'm getting somewhat sick of breakfast. I'm basically just combining every fat-rich food I can. Lunch was a tortilla with a lot of cheese, some hemp tofu, a lot of hummus, a lot of guacamole, and some salsa. Breakfast was a big bowl of greek yogurt with cashews, pumpkin seeds, coconut oil, peanut butter, sesame seeds and a little maple syrup. Weight today before the workout was 142.4. So not much has changed. Stomach didn't feel real good last night or during the end of the workout.