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3 km


4:46 mi


I was slated to run a 2 x 2400m w/ 600m rest in between. When I showed up to the outdoor track, however, there was a UVM/Hartford track meet. I jumped on the indoor track to run the first interval and hit 7:17, about 15:0x pace. I jogged around for the 15 minutes or so before the 3k started, which wasn't ideal, but I figured the 3k was longer and I was planning on running a bit faster so I planned on going slow on the first one.



2:26 (4:51)

2:26 (7:17)

There were a couple of guys from Hartford that were seeded at 8:48/52 so I figured I'd hang just behind them. I think they thought I was a joke because I wasn't wearing shoes and didn't really seem to know what was going on. I stayed behind them for the first 1200m, but saw that we had slowed down (70, 71, 73) so I passed them, hit a 68 and came through the mile in 4:43. I really didn't feel like I was putting in any effort and ran even splits then next 3.5 laps to come through the 3k in 8:53, which is about a 14:48 5k.

Afterwards I felt so light and relaxed and immediately recovered. I'm feeling invincible right now. Got to make sure I keep my head straight and don't do anything dumb, but I'm feeling good going into the half.