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Topo Tribute

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Last night was super rough. I think I got food poisoning. Whatever it was - woke up around midnight feeling nauseous. Didn't want to move but ultimately got up and threw up. Threw up 4 times. After the first time, I must have really stressed out my tonsils as swallowing was super tough. Fell asleep around 2:30, then woke up off and on until a little after 8am. Ugh. I got a nap in during an otherwise lethargic day. By my run I still felt pretty crappy and had trouble some trouble breathing deeply with my throat. Finished with strides on the track.

On the upside, my feet no longer feel sore from the higher mileage and they're back to 100%. Weight is 140.8, but I did throw up a lot. Ate a smaller bowl of yogurt with honey + PB. Lunch had a small salad with a quesadilla.