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26.2 mi


5:29 mi

Race Result

35 / 34000 (0.1%)
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05K 00:16:43 (5:23)

10K 00:33:37 (5:25) 16:56 (5:28) 33:37

15K 00:50:29 (5:25) 16:52 (5:26)

20K 01:06:59 (5:24) 16:30 (5:19) 33:22

1/2 01:10:31 (5:23)

25K 01:23:33 (5:23) 16:34 (5:20)

30K 01:40:19 (5:23) 16:46 (5:24) 33:20

35K 01:57:00 (5:23) 16:41 (5:23)

40K 02:15:02 (5:26) 18:02 (5:49) 34:43

42.2K 2:23:26 (5:28) 8:24 (6:09)

I started off a little slower than I thought I would (5:24), then backed off a bit. I was in a great pack, but wound up pulling ahead of them around mile 5 and by 10k I was more on my own. I kept passing people and could see another pack in the distance. I was really rolling from about 9-12 when I caught up to this pack (about 11 people strong). Randy Bill from Auggie was in the pack. It felt so relaxed and slow. My watch was basically useless and I wasn't remember mile splits, but it felt slow (though it wasn't). We hit 1:10:30 for the half and I think a couple dropped off at this point and some started picking it up. About 4 of us stuck together until about 21 when we got separated.

I ran great straight through to ITT at mile 23, which is when I started to hurt. I kept my pace up for another mile maybe, but it started to hurt more and more. Around 24 I pretty much lost it and could see Randy pulling ahead. I wound up passing a guy in the last stretch and while my kick was probably pretty slow it was a kick. I was super tired by the end and didn't have much in me. I'm not sure how I can get to take the time off of those last 2.5 miles. Am I going out too fast? I wouldn't mind at all running 1:10:30, 1:11:30 for a 2:22:00, but I ran 1:10:30, 1:12:56, giving up that 1:26 in the last 2.5 miles. Through 35k I was closer to 2:21:00 pace.

Took cliff shots at 35m, 1h10m, 1h45m (18 miles in), 2h00m. Switched off between water and gatorade. Towards the end, with a decline in motor skills and cold hands, I had a hard time actually grabbing cups and so missed a couple gatorades and settled for water.