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2:10 PM

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I just wanted to reflect on my thoughts on this past weekend.

First off, running is awesome. Being immersed in running culture is awesome and I can't quite spell out how meaningful this weekend felt to be with my friends going through this challenge. I slept less than I ever have, yet I feel like I was more positive that I've been on this trip. I did not experience any stomach problems which is key (well, minor one at end of day two). My heel, somehow, felt better than it has in months on this. I cannot believe how despite all of the pounding, I feel better now than I did going in.

Next thought, I am happy overall with how I ran despite not having the continuity I've desired over the last couple months. I felt like I was in monster shape in April and now I feel as though I'm at about maybe 75% of that, which is disappointing. However, I will again use this as motivation to continue to work hard and do what I love doing.

I am proud that I did not beat myself up too much after leg two on day one. From experience, it is difficult not to be discouraged or feel empty after a leg like that. I made sure I put it behind me immediately and focused on being positive for the people around me. I think that put me in a place to bounce back Saturday and Sunday and have some pretty solid running.

I witnessed some pretty inspiring running this weekend. There were great individual performances (Brett's 52 miles, Matt's 30? running on a second degree burn, Evan and Jeremy's triple on Day 1). There were also just great team contributions. Gadzilla taking 5th place is pretty remarkable given their team status. This felt like a close-knit group and I felt like we worked hard for each other. Day 2 and 3 were as efficient as I've seen (finishing within ten minutes of each other both days). This was a great experience and I'm excited for next year!