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26.2 mi


7:23 mi

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5k: 21:44, 10K 42:22 (20:38), 15k 63:39 (21:17), 20k 85:32 (21:53), Half 90:06 (4:34), 25k 106:47 (16:41), 30k 2:09:43 (22:16), 35k 2:33:58 (24:55), 40k 3:01:55 (27:57), Finish 3:13:24 (11:29).

First marathon in the books. Learned a couple valuable lessons. 1. More mileage (obviously). 2. Better pacing (Pain train). 3. Figure out how to fuel.

I ran the first 10 miles with DeRenzo until we found the 3:05 pacing group. Ran with them for 3-4 miles and then around the halfway point I picked it up because I saw my family twice between 13 and 16 so I had a lot of adrenaline flowing. That hurt me big time as I hit a big wall around 18. 20 I started to hurt real bad and slow down. 22 my hamstrings started to clench up which forced me to stop twice and stretch. These were very short stops because I knew at this point if I stopped running I'd be done for. But I never could find the pace again and just shuffled into the finish. It was fun having everyone out here and really enjoyed the first half. However, the last 8 miles was some of the worst pain I've ever experienced, especially from running. There's no way I do another marathon unless I'm properly trained and prepared, but with the lessons I've learned I'm not too worried.





Damn we are going to blow the wall up this time