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5 km


5:06 mi


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Thrilled with this workout!! Best 1K workout I've ever done. I did not know if, going into today that I would do this today or push it till tomorrow to give myself more recovery from this weekend. Ended up just hopping in and going with it. Told myself going in to get to 3x1K and then switch to spikes (because of last week's workout). There was some kid there who was doing miles at a little slower than the pace I was going so I was just trying to kinda gauge what I was doing off of him. I would sit on him for 3 laps, he would slow down and I would pass him. Unfortunately he only was available on 3 of my repeats (1, 3, and 5). However, I stayed very strong mentally throughout.

Note: Also increased recovery to about 1:1 (between 3:00 and 3:10). This was a suggestion from Jeff and I think it worked well. It gave me a little more time for my heart rate to come down. My active recovery was a little down (was doing about a minute of easy running and then some dynamic exercises), but I stayed loose throughout.

On the last one when I switched to spikes, I was amazed how much easier it felt. I was kinda gassed after the 4th one, but I felt fresh and light in spikes. Unfortunately because my feet were so sweaty I gave myself (and ripped open 2 blisters on my small toes on my L foot.) Small price to pay for a workout that I am very very happy with.