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5 km


5:32 mi


Fun 5K out in Evanston today. Course was relatively flat, but lots of patches of water and ice and mud. Got out in probably 20th at the mile behind Frintner and another group. Passed them and found another group for the second lap. Got distracted by the fact that some of my friends weren't as far in front of me as they normally are and then noticed Evan was fading in the last half mile. Thought a good kick could nab him. In the last 400, I pushed pretty hard past the group I was behind outside of one who kicked before I did. Raced him to the line and he got there just in front of me but we made up probably 10 seconds on Evan. Finished 11th overall and was the third guy for the squad, which was cool. Enjoyed the team aspect again and enjoyed seeing everybody this weekend.


Jeremy Van

big kick energy