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5 km


5:47 mi


80 F

Race Result

15 / 412 (3.6%)
6 / 26 (23.1%)
14 / 220 (6.4%)


Decent run today. Actually pretty nervous this morning - wasn't sure how the foot would hold up. Slower, shorter warmup than I would typically do, but it was hot out so I was not too worried - foot felt ok! on the warm-up and drills.

Nice to have a good crew out there. I ran with Evan the first mile under control (5:44), we were right behind Justice and a little ways behind Park. One person passed us at about a mile and that was the only person who passed me. Hit the turnaround point feeling ok and noticed I was closing on Justice (Evan had taken off). Caught Justice around 1.7, looked up and saw Park was walking. He had an unfortunate water incident.

The last mile was very warm and involved a lot of trading off the work with Justice. He'd surge ahead and then I'd pull even again. We caught the top girl with about a half mile to go and I started wondering how many people I could catch if I kicked hard. The answer was none, but I put 5 seconds on Justice in the last quarter and nearly got the group in front of me.

I'm alright with this. Foot felt decent, and this was the first real hard effort I've had in four months. I figured I'd run about where my tempos were back in the spring and that was accurate. Hoping to get a couple solid efforts in before GLR.

Wished we had more participants from Urbana, but happy Olivia had a good race and really enjoyed racing with Justice, hopefully more to come at the Mahomet half.


Olivia R

Ryan Root conquers once again