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800 m


4:07 mi


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Open 800. Ran with Manois in my heat as well. I was feeling really good and excited today. Had about the best conditions I could get. Brothers told me to go out slower than normal so I went out around ~29. About at the 200, Manois was a couple people in front of me and avoided the box. I did not though. I could not move anywhere for about 250 meters. I was freaking out a little bit, but tried to just be patient. I came through 400 in 62. After that, around 450 I was able to break free and tried to bring back the first group. I passed a few guys. Then I passed my rival (finally!) with 200 to go. That made me happy, but I didn't want to be satisfied with that. I tried to kick hard and I guess I passed Manois, but wish I had focused more on the leaders. Maybe I could not have got them in this particular race, but I think had I not gotten boxed I would've ran faster. Jake says I can break 2 right now, so does Mike. I ran 62, 60. My fitness is right where it needs to be in races. Now, I need that to start showing in practice.