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13.1 mi


5:59 mi


Louisville Half Marathon.

5:49, 6:13 (hill), 5:48, (18:22 5k) 5:47, 5:53, 5:51, 5:25 (short), 6:10 (long), 5:53, 12:44 (two miles), (57:24 10 Miles has to be inaccurate) 6:11, 6:23 (1.1) -

Was a bit disappointed previewing the course yesterday. There were no markers set up and the map was not the easiest to follow, so thought that today was going to be a very hilly day not conducive for a PR. Also, I had an inkling that perhaps there were not going to be many runners in this race. One of those hunches, the latter, was correct, but fortunately the former was not.

Today was pretty good. When we lined up at the start, there was only one other individual who said he was in the half and he was shooting for what I was hoping for as my goal. I told him that maybe we should work together and he was game. Unfortunately, he was out faster than I wanted to go and after 1.5, I told him I was going to back off. I came into this race telling myself to take a risk and I am still not sure whether this was the right move or not.

Anyways, kept him in eyesight, he was running 5:40-5:45 and I was hesitant to do so and just felt comfortable clicking off 5:50s. Ran down a very large hill at the 5k (18:15) and knew that I'd face it again later. Ran in a beautiful park until the halfway point - 10K was not marked, but I was under my old PR from Illinois Half. Hit the turnaround at 37:45 and was thinking I had a shot at sub-1:16.

The rest of the race was back the way we came, which I do not think I am particularly fond of. On the one hand, seeing everybody cheer for me and urge me after #1 was awesome and a big help, but on the other hand, they took up a lot of the sidewalk at times and also couldn't take the tangents. Around 8.5, I started feeling something in my calf - knew it wasn't good. However, I was at mile marker 69 on the trail and I told myself that now is not the time for a bad mile. After this mile, we hit the hill. At this point, my calf cramp was full blown and I was just pulling my leg up the hill. When we hit the top, my hamstring seized as well, and at this point we went downhill. I tried to open up, but could not and just stumbled awkwardly. Tried to grab some gatorade, but ended up getting water. I'm not sure if it helped physically, but it did mentally (think Michael's secret stuff from Space Jam). Hit 11 miles and told myself that I could get through two miles of pain. I really pushed as much as I could and I do consider that this was the risk I ended up taking. Managed to hit 6:10, but did not look at my watch and just pushed. Mile 13 was 5:50 and I had a good close. Just missed sub-1:18.

The last three months I've been focusing on sub 1:17 or bust and unfortunately the bust happened. However, I set myself up really well. Had a 10K and 10 Mile PR. Also, was not too far off my splits for the races I've done previously within this race (more on this tomorrow). The 5K between Miles 9 and 12 was really really hard, but I am proud of what I did to keep it together. Also congratulated the guy at the end because he ended up hitting 1:16:20.

All things considered, I'm very pleased. Happy to have Jess out there cheering me on and also running with the Cultra's was fun. This was not a tough course but it had tough components and those hit me right when I was at my lowest. However, I stayed in it and gave myself a chance to hit a big PR nonetheless. Outside of the big hill miles and my cramp miles I clicked off consistent 5:50s, so I think my next go-around, I'll be up for a big time drop. Excited for some rest.



Nice run big Z. Mile 69 gets us all. Great training cycle.


damn you got me by 30 seconds even. looks like i gotta run anotha one


great race. ran tough. smart start, good pacing, and only slowed by something that was completely out of your control; definitely a W. would've been sub 1:17 for sure without the cramps. that cost you a good 80 seconds from what i'm seeing in your splits (~1 min in 10&11 and at least 20 sec in 12).