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1500 m


4:42 mi

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Ran this race with Hearne and Kibler. Another strange race. I took this race out again and was running next to the kid next to me, but you could tell neither of us wanted to lead the race. We ended up going through the 400 in 69 which was exactly what I wanted to do. I slowed down though the next two laps, not sure why. I wasn't right in the head on this one. Having Hearne right there was strange, bringing back memories from high school. Kevin passed me around 700 and I let him get a decent lead on me. There were like two or three guys in front of us (one way out ahead). I kept expecting that I would just chase down Kevin, but for some reason I did not today. I did not hit the gear I needed to in my kick that could have knocked a couple seconds off. Still, definite improvement over a couple weeks ago. I also plan on running another 15 in three weeks and that will be my final race. I think I can pr, I just need some more sharpening and pace work and I'll be there.