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800 m


4:12 mi

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Second race of the day at Dr. Keeler. I just did not have the right attitude going into this after being so disappointed in the 1500. I did not really care because I felt like my goals for the season were shot. I was in this race with Declan, Hootman and Hearne. When the gun went off I felt surprised how tired I was at 200 even though we went through in 30-31. We hit 400 in 61-62 and I was just out of it. The third 200 was probably my slowest and at the end everyone had passed me. When I hit 200 to go, I saw that I was in last and refused to finish that way. I ended up having a pretty good kick and passed 4-5 people (including all my teammates). Happy that I fought back, but not happy with the way I raced it. Although I think this is the fastest I have done the 15/8 double, so there's that I guess.