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Actually do not have as much to say as I thought I would. Pretty happy with my last six months and my last year overall. Had two goals in mileage for the year and hit both of them - now just have to hit 2500 for the year. Crushed a lot of workouts this year - not many clunkers at all. My only clunkers came in races unfortunately. One out of my control because of poor marking and the other because I just sucked on that day. Had my most consistent set of long runs over the past year and am really enjoying getting out there for close to two hours now, especially when I've got people like Justice out there crushing his work as well.

While it is disappointing that I do not truly have anyone that I am training with, I am proud that this entire last 11 months has pretty much been solo. Occasional cameos, but mostly me just making acquaintances with the pavement. I am going to see if I can meet up with Colin (not Mickow) and Nick Heller (both area guys with similar credentials) to try to get some workouts in the upcoming months.

I intend on doing more consistent races in track this upcoming season. I think I can smash some PRs and try to get some monkeys off my back. I also think that engaging in more track races will help me be a better racer in some of these longer ones. In each race i was in, I pretty much lost to anyone that mattered, so that sucked. I need to learn how to battle. Track will help.

Hoping things get easier/ with teaching. Middle school is a rough place to be and it is upsetting that the schedule does not line up with the high school the way that I would like. However, we are paying the bills and I am doing the things that I want to do - eventually things will come together.



Yeah Boehmke, you did a great job over the course of this year, we’ve both made great gains and it’s been nice doing it with you even though it’s not all the time. Can’t wait to get out into the real winter training to see what we got for this upcoming track season.