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6:01 mi

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Tough workout today. Not much sleep last night, couldn’t get comfortable on the couch, too many Duffs as well at Moe’s. Was just going to play this by ear with my foot but I really didn’t have any pain today which was nice. First couple miles were predominantly uphill. Knew after three that I was working pretty hard in this workout. But framed it from the standpoint that now I get a workout where I can deal with fatigue. Fifth mile was pretty downhill and sixth was the reverse. Legs felt like jelly on the sixth which I haven’t felt in a long time. Managed it well though. Just wanted to be tough on the last two. I was on about 6-xc pace for #7 but got stopped by a car and didn’t stop my watch. #8 I could’ve cut but just wanted to feel what it was like running while gassed. It hurt but I was happy I did it.

Starting to cut back the next couple weeks. Want to get a good effort at Allerton on Sunday and then at that point the hay is in the barn