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2 mi


3:39 1000, 2:34, 2:30 800, 51 300 and a bunch of coaching strides.

Skimped on having my own easy run today and helped some of the Urbana athletes with their IPTT peak workouts. In this, was Keith (2-flat 800), David (sophomore - not sure why he did this) and Libby (2 mile/mile qualifier). I ran with Keith for the intervals I listed because Leslie said he would struggle to hold form and loses focus, so I did my best to get him to the times. Didn't really warm up - did a couple strides and hopped in so the 1k was harder than I thought, but the 8s felt better than yesterday.

I really just wanted to be an asset today, so I let my training take a back seat. Still got my lift in this morning, which is why I was more lax. I feel good, but my back is a bit tight. Shooting for a Medium LR tomorrow.