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4:16:08 mi


45 F

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6 / 11 (54.5%)
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The time should have an asterisk next to it. It was really windy, reallly windy and cold outside. I'm happy with the effort I put in today; I competed until the last 200 (legs tightened hard, first time noticing this this year). Ran the first lap well, tucked in in the windy parts. But, when I tucked in I lost touch with the front group. Passed some people on the back straightaway. Thought I had enough to keep moving up. At about 200, my legs really started tightening and I was doing all I could to maintain composure and fight through it. Unfortunately, two people passed me in the last 100. But, this race was encouraging. I ran smart, didn't feel wiped at the 400. If it wasnt windy, definitely coulda gone out in a 58/59. Very excited to race again.... in good conditions. The time is coming.