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9:06 AM

5.7 mi


6:11 mi


184 bpm
199 bpm


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Allerton Trail run. Rained all day yesterday, so planned for a marsh. Just figured I'd blast the first bit to not worry about anyone. I did and at 400 was well clear of everyone else. Think it might have been too quick though as I was pretty short for air during mile 1 and 2. Also, mile 2 and 3 were pretty brutal. While not as much up and down, there were stretches that you were just shin deep in water. After mile three, conditions got better and I was able to get my feet under me better. Watch was long on the fifth mile - I was moving pretty quick at this point in spite of the uphills. I was just trying to get under 35 and in spite of the softness of the ground and hills of the last 2 miles, I did.

Won a sweet stein.