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8:20 AM

16.2 mi


7:07 mi


143 bpm
188 bpm
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Stretch goal for today was to do two laps at waterfall. Knew pretty early that wasn’t gonna happen so just tried to see how many miles I could run at marathon effort after a half our warmup. Just didn’t feel like I could get momentum going - the hills felt hillier, the wind felt windier and just felt like I was slogging along for most of this. I think had I had the super shoes on, I would have crushed this run but that being said I did a good job compartmentalizing mile by mile and not getting caught up in the feat I was trying to accomplish. I’m happy I got about a lap in at effort and got to 16 total without fuel. Been tough to keep consistent these last couple weeks so this is a positive sign ten weeks out that things will be ok.

Big thing is I felt less anxious throughout this run