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1500 m


4:34 mi

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Went into this race a little bit more relaxed. After the 800, I ate a ton of food (broke my sobriety) and drank a beer. I was so frustrated and by the time Saturday morning rolled around I was feeling better. We had a beautiful day to run. Nobody on Mid-D was in my race, but there was a guy I raced last year at Benedictine (Michelle's ex-boyfriend). I knew he ran ~4:10 in that race last year, so I wanted to stick on him. I competed pretty well in this race through 1300. I stuck on the front group for the first 3 laps and then when I hit the bell I noticed I was by myself. This was a disappointing realization because the gap between me and the front was expanding as they found another gear. I was moving well, but 200 to go I locked up again. Not as bad as Friday, but I did not have the kick that I've had earlier in the season. I got passed by 2 people in the final 100, which never happens but I was gassed. I felt so tired after this race and thought I ran 4:14. Turns out it was 4:15, so another PR.

Is it alright for me to still feel like I should be running faster than this? Not significantly, but closer to 4:10. I am pretty disappointed that I've put in so much work among other things and only knocked two seconds off my 1500. I was really expecting big things this weekend and it was hard to see it not really materialize.

I have two weeks left in my season (finishing at North Central). I am taking Sunday off and maybe Monday. I am under the impression that I need to rest and then my lack of energy at the end of the two races was a big indication.