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0.5 mi


4:12:04 mi


Nike Max cats


155 lb


8 / 10
4 / 10

Race Result

4 / 6 (66.7%)


Very frustrating race. At Eastern's Mega Meet. Ran with 6 guys, 3 on my team. Started out at a solid pace. 29. The front guy pulled away... for some reason I thought he was going too fast for me... bad mentality to have. So, I led the chase pack, but I felt like I was really running by myself. For some reason I can pace well in practice but not the meet. When leading I let the pace slow down which killed me. 32 second lap. 32 third lap. People passed me, but I didn't give up. repassed several kids. Gave up without catching Mike. I should have won this race, but I'm not running like I know I'm able to. Yeah, I can compare to last year and see the difference, but I expect improvement not to continually middle in the 2:05 range. But, I know what to work on and I will run fast at Michigan. CANTWAIT