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Thursday night workout. Splits were about 73, 75, 74, 64 (last 200 was 30). I ran with Henry and Ryan Somerfield. Henry and I had a plan to exchange the leads after the 400's, but I took over his 400 after he slowed the pace down. I told Ryan to just stick in behind me because he was worried about running slow... Really did not feel that tired until about the 1200, but I was so ready to roll that I was more excited than anything. Started kicking around 300 and made a big move at 200. Ryan stuck with me which was surprising but it was good to be pushed the last 100.

I am really excited with how this went. Today was a long day, especially after being in lab for 5 hours. I really was not looking forward to doing this, but I set a goal for 4:45 and thought that was reasonable. Now, I think after pretty much controlling this race I can run between 4:35-4:40 right now. Since it appears I am not going to Omaha next week I will try to run an 800 and put up a good time. I do not want to say too much because it was just a mile in practice, but I really believe I am going to have a good season ahead of me.