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7:40 AM

10 km


6:32 mi


75 F

Race Result

47 / 2636 (1.8%)
10 / 196 (5.1%)
43 / 1318 (3.3%)
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Ran the big 10 10k today. Or as I will remember it the big 10 10.5k. Henry, Manois, and I started wayyyyyy back (12:30 per mile pace). The first two miles maybe two and a half were pretty slow. We were either running or walking. Our splits were about 7:15 pace but not quite sure. We probably passed 1000-2000 people in the race because it took us until we reached the 5k to reach people at the start of our corral. The second 5k we were able to consistently run about 6 minute pace. The last mile was probably under that, but I'm not quite sure what my splits were at all. I'm not really too worried about it. I felt great the entire time, there were a couple times where I felt find to leave Henry and Manois behind but I stuck with them until Henry told me to kick. It was a good effort and it gives me confidence. My stomach felt great the entire time. Also, right before the 5k, the three of us dove into the slip and slide. It gave us wet shoes, but totally worth it. It was cool to cheer everybody home as well. All-in-all Big10k = a success.

**Race Note: I started in the 12:30 mile corral. Finishers there were ~2500th place. I finished 47th. I think its safe to say I passed a lot of people. Still lost to 4 girls though... sigh