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1600 m


4:46 mi


Decided to hop into this on Thursday. No real expectations, thought I'd probably run around 4:50. Eight other guys in the race, including Kern Sr. Thought it was pretty neat that some of the high caliber teams had coaches hop in (Sipple from DGN was in as well). Had a lot of fun with this. First lap was about a 71 and I was in 5th. Sipple was running on my shoulder for about a 600 and then was gone. Noticed John McCown was here after the first lap and that made me pretty happy. Passed a guy to move into 4th place around 600. 600 to 1K was the slowest part of the race (hit 800 in 2:23). Top two guys seemed out of reach, but there was another person I went by after 1K. I kept waiting for the effort to set in, but it never really did so I kept telling myself to go quicker. Could not really tell how close people were behind me, so I tried to just run a good solid effort the last lap. Ran a 69 to close.

Had plenty more in the tank, which was surprising considering how difficult the 4x400 was the day before. This just makes me want to race more so I am not always surprised that I can run decently. Perhaps if I had actually done an indoor season I would have been more bold and given better chase to the top 2 (they only ran 4:37 and 4:40).


Jeremy Van

ayeeee that closing lap tho