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800 m


4:12 mi

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Friday Afternoon 800 at Hillsdale. Rough race. I was going into this race very confident that I was going to break 2. We went out kind of slow (30-31) and went through 400 in 60. I went through 400 and was confident that I was going to negative split and maybe win the race. Steve was leading. At 300 to go I was getting ready to move, Mike G passed me and I thought to myself, 'time to go'. Then when I hit 200, I could not go. I hit a major wall, unlike anything I've experienced this season. It was so strange. I had no idea what happened but I struggled home and ran like a 34-35 last 200. I was so disappointed after the race because I do not know what happened. I felt so good and then I just couldn't move. I thought I was going to win the race at 300. I have never had such a change of feeling so quickly. I am hoping it is a one time thing, but we'll see.