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4:35 mi


Heat 2, 6th out of 7. Why have a 7 person mile heat? This meet missed Eric Vetter, that's for sure. I did not run my greatest. I screwed up a couple things. First, not knowing that I was racing at 12:30 (found that out at 10:30 while preparing for a 4:30 race). Ate breakfast at 10:45 to get something in me before the race (should have just had a granola bar). Anyways, the race:

Thought I started smart because it seemed very fast, but I could not verify that because the clock wasn't on (#3). Heard Leslie tell me to move up and was wondering if I should, so I did, but I wish I had held off. Went through 409 in 64.1. Made another move before 800 to get me into 4th (2:12.2). Felt like things had been moving very quickly through 1K, and with three laps to go I thought that 2nd was attainable. At 500 to go, a guy passed me and slammed on the breaks. I yelled "what are you doing?!" and we proceed to run our slowest lap of the race. I passed him with about (1200 was 3:22) 350 to go thinking I could salvage things, but I suppose I was not aggressive enough and I was passed again by him (again hitting the breaks) and at that point I suppose I gave in and succumbed to running a just ok race. The last lap was spent making sure I was not going to get last rather than try to make moves. When I watched the race video and saw that everyone was within 7 seconds, I was kicking myself.

Anyways, good rust buster. Good to know what it is to compete again with other people and that sometimes people race just to pass instead of to run quickly. Ready for an 8 next week.