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400 m


3:43 mi

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This was the 2nd Annual Sean Berbert Memorial Dash. I was "racing" Evan, Blake, and Snydawg. I drew lane 1. Didn't know how to feel going in. Kinda nervous haha, but very excited. We went out pretty fast and I decided to try to sit on Blake and Evan after 100 because I felt very good at that point. I came through 200 around 26 feeling pretty good trying to move up. I had another opportunity to make a move at 300 (second chance after 100), but I was nervous and I didn't and after that I just succumbed to Lactic acid. I held off Sny-dawg though. It was a great race; a lot of fun and very competitive. It was also a PR for an open 400 after that debacle senior year. Feeling very excited for track.