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3 km


4:51 mi


10 / 10
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Hard race, man. Honestly, most of it is a blur, which is the first time I can really say that. It went about exactly as expected, except for the fact that leaders went out a little slower than anticipated. What I did not realize was that the clock went off 3 seconds slow. Thought we went through the mile in 4:43, but it was 4:47, which was perfect (however, I thought I was ahead of pace and I was hurting at 1K, so was pretty worried). The first 1K was really just jostling for position. I was just trying to settle in last place but people kept speeding up and slowing down, so I did a lot more changing gears than I expected. I hoped that the first 2k was going to feel easier, but it didn't. The last 1k was just grinding and focusing on the guy in front of me. I had no trouble keeping track of laps. Checked time at 400, 800, 1k, mile, 2k, and 400 to go. Other than that I only looked at the guy right in front of me. When I hit 400 to go, I saw 7:48 and thought I had sub-9 in the books (in reality it was 7:51-52). Guys were finally coming back. I also did not even see that Evan had fallen all the way back to me, but I didn't notice until it was too late. I worked hard the whole time and can say I did not take any laps off. I was upset after that the clock wasn't accurate because I pumped my fist after I thought I broke 8.

Anyways, for a debut in an event, I really can't ask for anything more. It went exactly as I thought, my fitness was spot on. I think if I had managed to get in a 3k for practice, that would have helped with the first 1k, but I can only put that in the notebook for the future. I couldn't be happier though. I'll ahve more thoughts tomorrow about the last 6 months.