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7:00 AM

13.2 mi


6:18 mi


177 bpm
193 bpm

Race Result

11 / 140 (7.9%)


Mahomet Half with Justice. Not the best, not the worst. Just wanted a race to see where my current level of fitness is. I am not sure if I learned too much from this race that I did not know going into it.

After two miles, I could tell I was feeling a little off - unbalanced - felt like I wasn't getting an equal push on both sides of my body and so just felt like I was whipping my left side around and running on my right. I just tried being patient with this and telling myself to get in a groove. That did not happen until right around 6 or 7 where I started separating from Justice. I felt like I was pushing well from 8-10, but the splits did not really reflect that. Closed in on a guy that had put some distance on me, but then let him slip away, so a bit disappointed in that.

On the one hand, it's tough knowing that most of my long runs in the winter and early spring were better than this. On the other hand, I recognize that this was a shorter build-up, had one 50+ mile week, was filled with travel and still ran pretty consistent. I also know where I can be with some steadier volume, so that is what I will plan for going forward this fall.