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800 m


4:08 mi


9 / 10
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I think this is what I'm most proud of today. The sheet said 2:03 and thats it, so that's just a ballpark guess. Some people said 2:02, some said 2:03. Either way, I'm happy with the time and effort, but not really my tactics. I was the lead-off leg. I really thought I could run whatever James would run but I did not anticipate him taking out the race. About 250 in I had a chance to go with the River Karl but instead I did not and allowed myself to get slowed down and boxed. I ended up passing on the turn at 500. But, I felt really good at 600 (1:30) And the last 100 I just did not get to that next gear, maybe from that move. Oh well, it's just something to improve upon. I still think I could have had another second or two back. However, this is the 2nd fastest 800 I've ever run and now I have proof haha. Also, fastest indoors. So, I'm happy with this.