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Anchor for our SMR. First two legs go well as expected. Handoff between Skelton and Schmidt is dropped. Mike does a good job of not letting it phase him puts it where it needs to be. Handoff between me and Mike and good. About 30 meters back when I get the handoff (not preferable, but still is not asking a lot of me to catch him). First lap 29. For some reason I thought that was too fast.. even though that's what I need to be doing if I want to get where I need to be later on. Threw me off and ran 33 second lap. Not good... now im panicking because the lead is increasing. Didn't hear the third split. Finished in 2:07. Passed in the last 100, and then I guess I gave up. Didn't go into the race with a plan and therefore ran poorly. Learning experience, it hurts to run that way, but I've moved on. Still didn't hit 2:07 until Charleston and that's with crosstraining 3 days this week